Network Setup of Wireless Hunting Cameras

Network setup of wireless hunting camera has long been a great puzzle & hassle to many people in the past years, like for original fatories, regional distributors, local dealers and the end users.

Even nowadays, it is still suffering for people involved in the rest regions to be explored. Actually i believe this is also one of the reason that M2M card appears and becomes increasingly popular  recently.

However before M2M card providers fully solves their cost & trust issues and gets widely adopted, factories still need to push wireless module  suppliers to work out modules with those network info, and distributors & dealers still has to consult local operators for the gprs & mms apn.

Those info are not easy to get, especially in the past years when gprs feature has been firstly added to hunting cameras. Operators was not familiar with this kind of tele-communication device, and info about operator network apn was not that transparent as it is today.

What's worse, those apn info work on cellphones might not work on hunting cameras. For some operators, camera has been classified as a third kind of device for netowork connecting beside android & ios devices, and for some operators, the device IMEI number is required for the network registeration.

All these are precious experience accumulated from hundreds of trial and error. Thanks to great dedication of all parties, most verified operator info have been collected & added to software for easy setup, which is a great enhancement of user experience on wireless models. It also saves factories, distributors a lot of workload & labor cost for customer service.

Nowadays process of network setup becomes much smarter. Take Willfine cameras for example. No manual setup is needed anymore. What you need to do is just to select the correct operator from camera menu(2.6CM). For new models like 3.0CG, 3.0CS & 3.5CG, even  no need to select the operator now, cameras can auto detect & match to network directly when sim card inserted.