Photo Transmission Logic of Willfine 3.0CG Camera

13 year R&D based in the industry, Willfine has been the fisrt factory to add gprs feature to hunting cameras.

I guess this is one of the reason that Willfine wireless cameras have a high quality and widely praised for stable transmission.

Its cameras can send photos to mobile phones & emails via mms,send photos to emails via SMTP (network data) and send photos to FTP acoounts via FTP server (network data).

The wide choices have offered customers geat flexibility, and meanwhile lead to some confusions also. Many users reflected that they are confused about the logic behind.

Thus the author had a close study on the camera & camera manual, and listed its MMS, SMTP & FTP functions as below:

1. The MMS function is defaulted at "ON" mode, so when you fill in phone number in "Send to" , it will send mms photo to phone, when fill in email, it send mms photo to email, when both phone & email, it send to both

2. The SMTP function is defaulted at "Default" mode, if you want to use it to send photos via data to email, you turn it either to our "Default" smtp account, or "Manual" fill in the account you prefer, then for photos send to email, it will take priority to send via SMTP.

3. The FTP function is defaulted at "OFF" mode, when you fill in the details, it will be able to send photos to your FTP account meanwhile.

So below are instructions about how you set the camera according to how you want it work:

If only mms photo to phone, then only fill phone in "Send to";

If both mms photo to phone & email, then fill both phone & email in "Send to";

If mms photo to phone and data photo to email, then both phone & email in "Send to" and "SMTP" function on;

If only data photo to email, then "SMTP" function on, "MMS" function off, or delete phone number & keep email in "Send to";

If only data photo to FTP, then "MMS" & "SMTP" functions off and fill in details in "FTP.